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Belmera Designs

E-Commerce Website Design

The answer is yes. We build ecommerce stores using Shopify & WordPress+Woocommerce. Both Platforms offer their own unique style.

Start up costs vary with both platforms. Shopify start up is $29 a month while Word Press is free. Saying that you will have costs of your Web Hosting and Domain name. Shopify has its own web hosting so you wont need to register for that. The cost of the website will determine how big or small the website needs to be in terms of pages and products.

Yes you can. How it works is I will build the site till it is fully functional. Then i will do a handover to you where i will spend roughly an hour showing you the ins and outs to manage stock, shipping and accounts

Absolutely. I will do any changes you feel you need. This Can either be broken down to a monthly retainer or a once off job when I will quote you for the job at hand.

To start off I will need your Logo, Colours you want to use, Product names, Description of the products, Images of the products, Useful Information you want to have on the site, Contact Details and any other information you would like to be seen on the website

Showcase Website Design

In today’s world if you don’t have a website and social media you are falling behind. Its a lot faster for someone to get to know your brand by visiting your website than calling you to ask.

A website is your way of showing the world what you do and have to offer. A website should explain what you do and how you will offer a service to the person in need. You need to showcase your best qualities of your business in a smart and easy way

Then we change with you. We can edit your website to suit your needs. The main change will be your domain name and email addresses. Other than that we will be able to create you a new website to cater for your new business adventure

All of our design work will get out sourced to trusted designers to create the perfect video/image you need. whether its a logo or lifestyle images. We will make sure you have the best designers to help build your perfect website

Each website is different in terms of size and contented or pages needed. We will analyse the time spent to build your website and quote you accordingly. For a basic website the costs will be low but for an extensive website that requires design work will be more

SEO For Your Website Design

Google Search

Search Engine Optimisation. This is how customers find your website. When you search in google for a product you offer depending how you are ranked according to your competitors your results will show in that order. Every business category has different competitors and therefore sometimes it might be easy to be on top where in some cases a very saturated market you will require a more aggressive approach to your SEO

This will fully depend of your market audience. If you are in a very saturated market the SEO will require a far more aggressive and specific approach with your content resulting in a higher fee

Unfortunately not. this is a complex strategy that you will need to know how google is reacting to your keywords. If you are entering a market that is busy those keywords will have to be super precise and your website content will be based according to those keywords

This is where SEO becomes fun but also stressful. this means either your competitor is ranking above you on the search or your keywords are not relevant anymore. This will be up to the SEO team to keep up to date with the trends and predicts the future trends and align your key words appropriately 

We will sit down and discuss a strategy for your website, products you are selling or service you are selling. this will give us a reference on what you need your customers need to see. Once we have this information we will construct your content accordingly. We will discuss the relevant information you need to have on your site and will structure it in such a way your will get the benefit of well written content

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is where your business will be seen on the map view of google. ie restaurant, store near by or a service offered. This is the new way of searching for a business as its easier and faster as Google will use your location and pick up businesses in that region 

Short answer is yes. this is another way for people to find your business especially on mobile. You can lose out on many customers if you don’t have GMB as in today’s world mobile searches are way higher than desktop

Every business will change at some point. either upscaling or change of service. This is when we will change with you. Updating your SEO to channel those customers that require your products or services straight to your website

No you don’t. If you are a service based business then GMB will be far more of an asset that Google Search. Especially if you are trading in a small area or a local province. If you are trading country wide or internationally then i would recommend both. This will increase your chances of being seen

Yes and no, wait did i just say that. yes I did. We want you to know the truth. If you have a brick and mortar store or a business that gets alot of foot traffic and a website is an information portal rather than trying to find customers then SEO wont be too important. If you are going to spend a small fortune on advertising then you can get away with not having the best SEO but these are very few companies that have this luxuary. If you are an exception to the rule we can bypass SEO but again only to a certain extent as the world is moving online so we would recommend incorporating SEO from the beginning and at least you will still reach a different user base that might not be on social media.