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Belmera Designs

Website Designer For My Business

The Story Behind Belmera Designs
Elite Web Designer

Web Designer isn’t always where my journey was headed.

I started off with an idea for an ecommerce store called Little Kingdom. After I built and sold Little Kingdom was when I found a passion for website design and went on to create Lily Rose Collection & eBike Cafe.

Belmera Design was built on the idea of not only building websites but creating a master piece of design.

As a web designer I proud myself on the finer details. Building a website is easy. creating a website that not only looks good and very appealing but the website needs to get you business. you need to get your business out to the world

As in any business you have to start somewhere but I have found a passion for Web Design and I want to create the most amazing websites.

At Belmera Design we focus on the finer details and make sure your company gets the full benefit and a well designed well functioning and smart website

The projects we have done are (Portfolio) Be sure to keep your eyes open as I have a few more great websites on the way.

Our mission as a web Designer

What is a website and why do you need one. A website is the bridge between customer and business.

Why do you need a website? Not all companies need websites but its a way to attract new customers in today’s world. Fast moving, little time to waste with instant results. 

So that’s when you need 3 keys elements to a website. firstly you need to be seen, how do we do that, there are multiple ways to be seen. Paid advertising, SEO, word of mouth.

Not everyone wants to start off with huge start up costs to advertise so they use social media to try promote this, but as we know its not that simple, So you talk about your new business to friends and family. That doesn’t really work either. what are the options SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation. this will elevate your rankings on google and make your business visible. How do you do this. There is 2 ways in which you need your business to be seen.

Google My Business and Google Search. Each have their own SEO and you can optimise each on their own or both together. 

Lets face it. how often do you ever look past the first 5 results in google. Never. well maybe if you really searching deeply and you have your shopping shoes on.

Generally you click on a great star rating or the top of the list. That’s where we come in. in order to turn your beautiful, well designed store into a money making machine you need top class SEO.

We build your website to optimise your SEO. Belmera Design takes the guesswork out and provides you with a top class web design with visibility. 

Now that we have covered SEO and making your website visible we need your customers to stay on your website.

Lets face it. We all are in a hurry, we don’t want to wait, slow websites have a close to 100% bounce rate. this is not ideal if your business needs the traffic.

Speed is a major factor. If customers can’t access your site they wont stay on your site. 

With all these things said and done our mission is to create a website design that ticks all of these boxes.

Easy to use, clean, functional, fast and searchable. 

Now that you know how we run our business let us take your business to the next level

Where it all started as a
Web Designer